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In the name of God.


Today Iranian people know name and symbol of the Seifi Brothers Company eligibility in the beauty and strength of producing the most fashionable and highest quality samovars.
With the 2941 registration and 510305 operation Number, the Seifi Brothers Company is one of the biggest samovar producers in Iran with over 75 years experience in the design and production of different samovar types that has gained ability to producing electric samovars with standard seals, in addition to producing the highest quality oil, conventional gas, thermocouple gas, coal and on-oven types according to effort and many years of experience of its designers and experts.
One of the most remarkable points about this company is its managers’ deep look at the market and in particular the public demand that has made the unit able to export their products to global markets in addition to the domestic market.

You know the company’s products with the Seifi Brothers brand and trust it.

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4th west 20m, Second 30m, South Shahid Rejaie Industrial Complex, Azarshahr road, Tabriz, Iran

No. 155, Sardrood, Tabriz, Iran

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